Thursday, June 13, 2013

New tricks: I've published a paperback of How To Cook Healthy In A Hurry

Well, I feel I can put publisher on my resume now.  I've just finished up the task of putting my cooking out in paperback and it is available here:
It will take a week or so to be linked to the ebook on Kindle.  The price is the same whether you buy it the createspace link here,  or on Kindle.  But the difference to the author in royalties is huge.  I don't understand why Amazon takes such a big cut if it is on Kindle, createspace is owned by Amazon as well.  But it's in the range of a 50% difference.

This is more of a business post than you are used to seeing from me, but I am so excited to have another book out, that I just had to leave a message here.