Monday, April 4, 2011

Why Write Every Day

The first step on the yellow brick road to publication is a daily writing practice.

What's the difference between your work and the books on your bookshelves? If you thought I was going to say those authors are better writers, you would be very wrong. The major distinguishing characteristic that separates the novice from the published writer, is that authors lucky enough to make it into print finish their books. It seems self-evident, and goes without saying. But if I had a penny for every writer of talent and imagination with something of value to say who just can’t get to “The End,” I would beat Bill Gates to the bank. Finishing your work doesn’t guarantee publication by any means, even if you have talent and value. But if you don’t finish your book, story, collection of poems, recipes or memoir, well need I say it? You have no chance of ever getting published. A hard lesson I learned years ago is that, while I may get a lot of attention once a book of mine hits the bookstores, until that day no one cares what I’m writing and no one will knock on my door and hold my hand and help me through the briar patch to completion. It is up to me to do that hard, solitary work, ultimately rewarding work.

A member of Virginia Woolf’s Bloomsbury group, and years ago I could recall his name, was considered the most gifted of that brilliant assemblage of artists and writers. However, he could not get his thoughts down on paper, while lesser minds got into print regularly. Publishers can only print the material at hand, and if yours is still stuck in your computer waiting for the next chapter or a final revision, or the right ending, how will they ever know your worth?

The goal of this blog is to provide support, inspiration and keys to establishing a daily writing practice. Tomorrow I will begin to describe some steps to help you jump start your daily writing practice. Hint: start small.


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